New Zealand is becoming the new hotspot for Indian Students

New Zealand is a land of beauty, but there’s a lot beyond its picturesque serenity – it is one of the most advanced preferences among international students wanting to pursue their education abroad.
The island nation is offering lucrative opportunities in the education and corporate sector, making it an ideal country to opt for foreign study. Wondering what makes New Zealand ideally suitable for your degree? Read below to know more:

1 Globally acclaimed universities
The major proportion of universities in New Zealand have a crisp amalgamation of various fields of study with highly ranked accolades – the country comprises 3% of top-ranked universities as quoted by QS World University Rankings.

2 Career Prospects
The employment rate in New Zealand (in 2021) stood at 62.90%, making the island nation a highly potential country for luring career prospects. This opens the scope for foreign students to enrol themselves and get high package salaries through university placements. Construction, media, consulting, art and design, and business are the common industries inducing job opportunities.

3 Hassle-free work permit
Upon completion of a course, international students can easily apply and access their work permit along with the official degree from their respective universities. Having a work permit will allow foreign students to reside and work securely within the country.

4 High-quality of life
New Zealand has been placed second in the Global Peace Index 2018 – it has high social tolerance, peace and stability. The Kiwi democratic government to ranks top in terms of governance, which hints toward a high quality of life in the country. International students can largely benefit from such social exceptions.

5 Affordable cost of living
The sustenance cost in New Zealand is quite affordable than other alternatives like the UK and US. There are particular student-friendly neighbourhoods which are cheap and decent to live in. Apart from tuition and insurance fees, one can expect to spend $20,000 – $25,000 per year or $380-$480 weekly for accommodation, food, and bills among other expenses.

6 Easy residential permit
Any international student having completed their studies can apply for a non-permanent residential permit in New Zealand. Soon after the work permit is issued, one can also apply for a permanent residence permit as the process is easy and transparent.

7 Surplus part-time work
New Zealand hosts numerous part-time work opportunities for students pursuing higher studies – they are allowed a minimum of 20 hours/week to manage their work. International students can find part-time work easily and manage their expenses through such prospects.

8 Hassle-free admission process
Most universities only ask for a degree completion certificate or +2 mark sheet. English language exams such as IELTS and TOEFL are also not a requirement in many universities. Getting a study/ work visa is also fairly easy compared to other countries.

9 Diverse scholarship opportunities
The Kiwi universities are top ranked across the globe and hence offer many governments and private organization-funded scholarship programmes. International students get varied opportunities to crack one and manage their funds for foreign education.

10 Extravagant education culture
New Zealand hosts a vivid culture of educational recreation – it serves as a hub of enlightenment and knowledge. Students can enjoy a peaceful and stable journey while enjoying the wholesomeness of its culture.

11 Remarkable university faculty
When selecting the faculty for their institutes, the Kiwi universities are extremely strict with their rules and regulations. The institutes tend to hire globally acclaimed staff while providing the students with state-of-the-art labs and technology.

12 Cordial Crowd
The Kiwi crowd are a bunch of exciting people, always seeking to discover new cultures, and traditions and welcome people from all extracts of life. International students often feel excepted and represented among the crowd, offering them a feeling of superiority in a foreign land.

13 Well-equipped transportation and communication networks
There are various means of transport through which you can travel in the cities or country – cabs, trains and ferries. If one resides far away from the university campus, then he/she can opt for an affordable alternative which is the public bus service.

14 A wide array of subjects
Universities in New Zealand offer a variety of subjects to choose from for M.A. or PhD courses ranging from fields in humanities and science. Even for under-graduation, these universities offer a lucrative and unique range of subjects in various fields of study.

15 Affordable tuition fees
There are several Kiwi universities that offer diverse fields of study at a rate which is quite cheaper than what is offered in other European countries. Students having a scholarship can easily vent out their college life with a mere part-time job in hand.
What is your dream study abroad destination?
It must be evident by now that the natural beauty, pleasant atmosphere, and top-notch opportunities in the education sector make New Zealand the ideal country for Indian students to pursue foreign education.
Even though, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom are 3 other hot spots for International education dreams. Start your free counselling today.

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