Proven: Study in Canada is a dream for every Indian student

Esteemed and one of the most advancing countries in the global space, Canada is a consistently preferred location for education, career and permanent residence.
It has been continuously ranked as the leading nation to have fore-grounded the best quality of life for its citizens – a stable economy, minimal socio and political unrest, high-potential job market, and globally acclaimed universities – that ideates it as a suitable foreign country to pursue education. There are a number of benefits that explain why every Indian student wants to study in Canada. The main reasons are:

1. High-quality education
Canada stands at 3rd in the world education with more than 7 lakh international students studying. The quality of education stands at par which is a result of high-end investments made by the government over the years – 11 centrally located universities in Canada rank within the top 200 universities in the world.

2. Affordable Education Cost
Unlike other foreign countries, Canada’s expenses in the field of education are convincingly affordable. On average, an under-graduation costs CAD 20,000 – CAD 30,000 annually, which in comparison to other developed countries is quite low.

3. Accessible Scholarships
A scholarship is a key to your foreign education – it is through which thousands of Indians claim admission. The major scholarship programs in Canada are easily accessible, hassle-free and simple to crack. For e.g. – The Canada Vanier scholarship (worth CAD 50,000 annually) is one of the easiest scholarship programs.

4. High Quality of life
Canada ranks first in terms of quality of life – international students can lead an intrinsic college life amidst social, political and civil peace and prosperity. Additionally, they can enjoy a good lifestyle, dissolve in the culture, and relish exciting recreational sites.

5. Affordable living costs
The Canadian real estate industry is quite expensive, yet residing in the country is cheap for international students. They can avail of residence for rent – on-campus accommodation ranges from CAD 3000 to CAD 7500/year, which is affordable.

6. Wide array of subjects
Canada offers a holistic study program that ranges from under to post-graduate degrees. The range of subjects covered is diverse, holding a paramount value that ultimately adds strategic desirability to your CV.

7. High-potential job market
The Canadian job market involves diversity, efficiency and high potentiality, adding great value to international students in terms of career and job growth opportunities.

8. Easily accessible student visas
Canada offers an easy and transparent system of student visa processing, which makes the entire plan of foreign education possible. The application and verification procedures are hassle-free and completed without complications.

9. Boost your CV
Having completed studies from an acclaimed Canadian university will place you amidst the best opportunities available worldwide; Canada is regarded highly for its quality of education and a degree from one of such universities will add remarkable value to your CV and open global job opportunities with luring benefits.

10. Hassle-free processing of work permit
Studying in Canada helps you achieve quality jobs in your desired sectors. Beyond just a job, passing out from prestigious Canadian universities also helps you in applying and achieving a work permit sooner.

11. Welcoming crowd
The myth remains true as they say Canada is a ‘welcoming nation’. Studying in Canada involves cultural warmth, acceptance and a welcoming tone of people, making space for comfort and reliability. The diversity among international students is rightly embraced, enabling students to gel up well and settle down sooner.

12. High-paying part-time jobs
Canada is filled with opportunities – be it freelancing or part-time ones. International students residing in the country for education purposes can easily land up on such opportunities and work along with their studies to manage their expenses as well as achieve ground-level work experience. One can work up to 20 hours/week and during breaks, it can even go higher.

13. Permanent residence
In Canada, undergraduate students are given special benefits – international students get an opportunity to continue work and live in the country. These students enjoy a strong possibility of obtaining a PR for Canada soon after landing a job post-graduation.

14. Safety and security
Canada is a peaceful nation and hardly comes through impactful crimes or any other forms of unrest. For international students, the country offers high safety and security measures, keeping them away from threats of any sort.

15. Culturally rich and naturally enriching
The additional perk of studying in Canada is that it is a multi-cultural hotspot and also a natural wonder. Living in the country during the course will prove fruitful for students coming from different cultures and traditions.
What do you think about study in Canada?
It is no wonder that Canada is a highly-lucrative and attractive nation. Its beauty, pleasant atmosphere, welcoming bunch of people, and top-notch quality of education make it the ideally suitable country for Indian students to pursue education.
Undoubtedly, there are ample opportunities for students across the world. Europe, Asia and the middle east are a few regions coming up with lucrative options. Still, applications to study in Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand remain highest every year.
Hence, believe it or not, we wish all the students a great life and we try our best to achieve their goals with the team EduSARC.

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