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Do you aspire to become a global business leader and passport a successful management career? If so, a postgraduate degree in Master in Business Administration (MBA) is the ideal choice for you. Being an internationally acclaimed field of study, an MBA involves the application of business theory, alongside deepening the structure of essential ideas on business and management.
An MBA is articulated to cover you with core ideals of general management that cover finance, operations management, marketing, economics, organizational behavior, strategy, and leadership, enriching you with career-focused developments among like-minded individuals.
Pursuing an MBA will multiply your set of skills and exhilarate them further into excellence with an all-round exposure to the vivid classroom learning experience as well as a practical understanding of the subject in the face of dedicated theoretical projects, academic research presentations, productive webinars, and workshops by industry experts, core internships and industry placements. All these combined together will refine your interests in the field and help attain a preeminent space in the domain of finance, IT and systems, sales and marketing, HR, operations, logistics and supply chain management, healthcare management, retail, business analysis, entrepreneurship, and international business.
An MBA has an all-inclusive value as a subject and opens a realizable potential in the market-centric world for you as a project/product manager, business development executive/manager, data analyst, investment banker, marketing manager, human resources manager, supply chain manager, finance manager among others, with initial salary of around $90-$98K.
During the course of your post-graduate MBA program, you can expect to learn vivid models surrounding core domains of business and management with the world’s most prestigious universities.

  • Economics and Business Environment
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing and Digitalisation
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Management Studies

During the program, you will also hone other transferable skills such as problem solving abilities, communication and interpersonal skills, teamwork and organization, creative innovation, leadership skills, resilience and self-awareness, strong work and ethics.

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