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Computer Science

Are you a problem-solving geek and are in proposition with complex analytical skills? If yes, an under-graduation in computer science is all you need. Computing is effectively diverse and encompasses a wide range of aspects including artificial development, programming and application development, software engineering, and game development, all of which are dedicated interests of the modern-day problem-solving industry.
Despite the inclusion of computers, the course will allow one to diversify their field of access – one can get their hands on core Linux technology, Mac OS X laboratories, software analytics, and central servers, which will lead to the overall understanding of how the practical computer world works.
For the ones who strive towards a rigorous and goal-oriented exposure to studies, a collaborative learning experience awaits your potential in the face of a computer science degree with an intriguing mixture of theory and practical leads involving academic research presentations, dummy web development projects, agile methodologies, focused internships, and industry placements, among others. With a perfect blend of problem-solving and analytical modules, a computer science graduate engage in challenging industries such as machine learning, web and application development, nano-technology, cyber security, data analysis, telecommunications, forensic computational analysis, etc.

Computer Science has extensive value as a modern-day field of education and can garnish you with market-centric skills and help achieve high-value positions such as cloud computing engineer, data scientist, computer scientists, AI and machine learning engineer, software engineer, network architect, R&D scientists, among many others, with average earning income of $80K early in the career.
During a computer science course, you will learn top skills from worlds’ most prestigious universities:

  • Computer Applications
  • IT Consultancy and Management
  • System Analysis and Development
  • Web and Software Designing
  • Communications and Networking
  • Data Analysis

One can also anticipate developing transferable and employability skills during a computer science degree which is applicable in both personal and professional life – one can adopt analytical skills, time management, organizational skills, implementation, research and technical skills, and communication.

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