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Accounting is crucial in today’s world – it is the key to your monetary vehicle and we at
Edusarc rightly believe so. An accountancy degree covers numerous ranges of programs,
some of which highly focus on specialization and the rest on more interactive aspects –
some closely deal with academics and the others emphasize on incorporation of practical
professional growth.
One might believe accountancy to be an amalgamation of numbers but its way beyond – the
subject sets solid foundation in areas such as statistics, economics, financial flow of money,
and business advisory – typically equipping you with a ‘job oriented’ perspective.
For those drawn towards excellence, a collaborative learning atmosphere is crucial and is
offered by numerous business schools, where pursuing accountancy is particularly enticing
with ideal classroom learning and practical combinations such as lectures and seminars,
case studies, projects and presentations, industry placements, workshops, and dedicated
internships. With a knack of realism, accountancy graduates engage in challenging
industries like financial planning, auditing and tax, business advisory, book-keeping, and
consultancy services.
Having intrinsic value as a renowned FAME (Finance, Auditing, Management, and
Economics) subject, studying accountancy will furnish you with market-centric potential,
opening doors to work as accountants, auditors, insurance brokers, economists,
stockbrokers, tax advisories and actuaries, having an earning average of £21k in entry-levels
During the course of your degree, you will get a comprehensive understanding of accounting
with core modules involved in the first year, and later move into a line of specifications that
will garnish you with focused parameters of the subject. All of these will be offered by the
world’s most prestigious universities in the modern global context.

  • Management Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Banking and Investment
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Tax and Auditing

You can also expect to develop soft skills that are applicable in practical and professional life – an accountancy degree is likely to imbue you with skills such as critical thinking, attention to detailing, decision-making abilities, logical approach and technical proficiency.

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