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Dos & Don’ts for Study Visa – The Only Guide You’ll Need, by EduSARC

Dos & Don’ts for Study Visa – The Only Guide You’ll Need, by EduSARC

Dos & Don’ts for Study Visa – The Only Guide You’ll Need, by EduSARC

As one of the best study abroad consultants, EduSARC has been a huge proponent of transparency in the industry. To make the objective of immigration visa seem less daunting and clear up the mystery surrounding it, the company has taken it upon itself to share with students the dos and don’ts of study visa. This is very imperative as not only will it save the students from falling prey to fraudulent consultants but also save hard earned money that they may end up spending on unnecessary expenses. The first step in getting a study visa is getting in touch with the best student visa consultants and EduSARC is undoubtedly the best overseas education consultants in Tricity. To find out more about the pitfalls to avoid and the good practices to embrace, read on:

1.Check the credentials of agent online:

Before you finalise an agent, make sure you are choosing the right one. The best overseas education consultants in Chandigarh are the ones to choose as they will ensure a bright future with the right guidance for visas for education abroad. In today’s digital world, you can easily check the reputation of the agents you are considering. Only if they have consistently good reviews across platforms should you consider enrolling with them.

2.Check online for complaints against agent

The easiest way to vet your agency is to check for complaints online. Even if they have changed their name but retain the same address, chances are you can still trace for frauds online. Your visa depends on the best visa file preparation in Chandigarh and spending a bit of time doing that is worth it.

3.Do not submit original documents:

Your original documents need no submission at any step during the visa process. When you are going for an interview, you may need to carry them with you but they don’t normally need you to submit the original documents.

4.Do not pay college fee in cash to agent:

When you hand over cash to anyone, you are putting yourself at risk. There is no evidence of the transaction and a receipt by a third party may not hold any importance. Never pay any college fees by cash to your agent. The best visa expert in Chandigarh are considered the best because they follow good practices and will not ask you to risk your savings.

5.Always pay agent consultation fee by cheque and avoid cash transaction:

In case of fraud, the more proof you have of wrongdoing, the better it is. And in case of cheque payments, the chance of being taken for a ride are much less.

6.Ask for fee receipt:

While a receipt may not help you avoid fraud altogether, it does deter it. An employee of the agency may pocket the money without the administration finding out about it.

7.Read the agreement carefully:

If there is a document that you need to sign and an agent is asking you to do it, be careful in what you agree to. Read the document well, read the fine print and take advise from someone you trust if you are unsure.

8.Do not pay college fee in agents account:

Just as it is inadvisable to pay college fees in cash, it is simply careless to transfer the money to an agent’s account. Once the money has been deposited, they can make any number of excuses and delay your case, ask for more money or simply vanish.

9.Check the offer letter carefully and cross check with the university:

An offer letter is an official document. Read it carefully, contact them via email or on the number mentioned in the letter, or check it up on their website and call there. These small things can go a long way in establishing that you are going in the right direction and not being taken advantage of.

10.Always ask for the admission application form submitted by agent to the university:

A trustworthy agent is the best bet as they will readily share with you documents that you should have without even asking for them, such as the admission application form. If they don’t share it with you, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

11.Always ask for copy of visa application form and check the details before application is submitted:

Even though the agents fill in visa application forms on an everyday basis and are well versed with the process, they are liable to make mistakes. To make sure you rule out visa rejection due to silly mistakes, always check the visa application form filled out by the agency before it is submitted.

12.Do collect a copy of your visa approval or refusal (decision letter):

Whether or not you get the visa, the decision letter is an important document that you should preserve for future use. Ask for it and keep it safe.

13.Do not use fake documents:

Use of fake degrees and diplomas only weakens your case. Under no circumstances should you resort to this and should always insist on doing things the right way and legally.

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