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Challenge of Low Level of English in Foreign Universities – Deal with it at EduSarc

Challenge of Low Level of English in Foreign Universities – Deal with it at EduSarc

Challenge of Low Level of English in Foreign Universities – Deal with it at EduSarc

The first challenge any student who wishes to study abroad faces is that of mastering English language. While a basic level of English fluency is a must for everyday survival in a foreign land, for admission to good universities, the competitive IELTS exam needs to be aced as well with a certain level of proficiency. Students who clear IELTS but have low understanding of working English feel the pressure once they are overseas. As important as clearing a test is acing basic language skills that will enhance your quality of life, your daily interactions and make working overseas a pleasure. EduSarc, best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, believes it is its duty to empower students with language skills that are enough to help them navigate smoothly in a foreign land. 

Be it university education, a job or simple everyday conversations, English is a mandatory language. Over the last few years, research is being conducted focusing on the effect of level of English on various aspects of studying abroad. While many studies assess the effect that raising the qualifying level of English would have, others debate whether it would motivate students to be more involved in their degree.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, as the  best immigration consultants in Chandigarh, EduSarc has introduced training in basic English language, apart from the IELTS training classes. To be successful, international students need support that extends beyond the restrictive scope of IELTS. A good IELTS score indicates the good use of language in a defined setting and the ability to perform in a high pressure situation. It does not predict success in other sphere and for that it is a must that ongoing support in the form of basic language education be provided. 

It is not unheard of for international students to drop out or to struggle with a subject due to language problems. While many universities are preparing to help international students with language where possible, this is still in the nascent stage and most still largely rely on tests like IELTS. Lecturers are also complaining that students who come with good IELTS scores also struggle with the language in classroom situations. With the problem in the spotlight, it is expected that colleges will soon roll out courses to deal with the problem, in the form of English language classes or ones with a cultural slant to it. But until that happens, it is upto the students to ease into student life there. 

Unlike other immigration consultants, EduSarc is the best consultant for Australia study visa in Chandigarh and feels a responsibility towards its students and is hence offering a basic English fluency course aimed at not just making classroom interactions easier, but also oral and written expression in a variety of work, social and other casual interactions. While most Study Abroad Education Consultants think their responsibility is over the moment a visa is approved, we ensure we give every student a fair chance at a comfortable education experience abroad. 

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